Customer Service

Customer Service

Service policies and contracts are applicable to China only.

1、Maintenance scheduling:

Under warranty, service response times for hardware are within 4 hours; service response times for software are within 2 hours; and within 24 hours a technician will come to service the unit. Dyna Healthcare guarantees 24-hour after-sales technical support, with repair servicing within 48 hours.
Free maintenance: within the warranty period, standard malfunctions not stemming from operator use fall within warranty limits. After the warranty period, machine parts and maintenance service is quoted at a reasonable price.

 2、Installation adjustment plan:

After the product has arrived for seven days (after the site has completed the pre-installation checklist), a factory or factory-authorized service technician will arrive onsite and complete the installation according to a confirmed installation plan. After the installation, factory-authorized clinical personnel will provide training for system operators. After training and facility inspection, the hospital will sign a confirmation waiver form to be returned to Dyna Healthcare.

3、Training plan:

Free training: Dyna Healthcare will train the hospital’s technical personnel, making sure the personnel know how to use the machine and software. Dyna Healthcare will train them how to identify and solve common errors and problems.

4、Other service promises:

Dyna Healthcare will provide main components, including the flat panel detector, free to the hospital to use in the occurrence of a malfunction. This guarantees the hospital will not be affected by downtime from a detector malfunction.
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