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About Dyna Healthcare

Dyna Healthcare is a new high technology company that has many self-own intellectual rights. It specializes in the R&D, manufacture, sales, service and the distribution of medical imaging and transmitting products.
Shanghai Dyna Healthcare belongs to Dyna Group. It was established by R&D and marketing personalswho have long term experience in the field of medical imaging in China and Taiwan.Dyna Healthcare has worked with Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Taiwan NTNU, and other technology academic facilities and many outstanding national and international medical equipment companies. Dyna also uses new high tech from other countries, combining many years of experiences in self developing products, the application of new technologies, and sales and marketing, the company is devoted in building leading medical imaging products.
The headquarter of Dyna is located in Shanghai at sung jiang high tech park, Caohejing high tech park of the big cheng river plan. It is the center of manufacture and R&D. The Taipei branch of Dyna is the software R&D and knowledge exchange center. Other branch offices throughout the country are responsible for the distribution of high tech medical equipment and Dyna’sself own products. The company has well trained, experienced service engineers who provide fast and all round satisfying service to customers.
The software R&D center in Taipei is made of a group of computer internet experts and medical imaging technology experts. It is an experienced R&D team. Using the professional background of teaching hospitals to do medical imaging, digitalize medical imaging equipment and the research and development of processing software. They also built a cooperation relationship in technology and product development with renowned America, Swedish companies.
Currently, Dyna is in the leading position of its field, and owns the intellectual rights of its DR operating software. Because of its advanced intuitional image process procedure SIME, customized OEM operational interface, Dyna got the stable cooperation relationship with many international companies.


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