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Paper Printing System

Dyna Healthcare has launched its new Libra series of medical-use printers. These medical-grade environmentally-friendly printers fully meet DICOM standards. Libra series printers connect to the hospital Internet infrastructure to acquire images from many types of imaging equipment. Libra printers come with professional printing software, and follow the existing workflow processes as traditional film printers. The environmentally-friendly printers offer a low cost of ownership, and are the best choice for multicolor and black-and-white medical image printing. Libra series printers and printing paper have both passed national medical equipment registrations.

Product features:
- Environmentally-friendly low carbon ink usage; low cost; easy to store
- Highly intelligent, highly stable, highly compatible device
- Unique plant-based carbon toner; provides high image contrast ratio while alleviating image transmission speeds over hospital Internet
- Satisfies clinical needs across all hospital departments
- Can be used in all color and black-and-white DICOM printing, including: radiology, nuclear medicine, ultrasound, and pathology departments, among others

Unique technologies:
- Scan function: makes transferring patient file information more convenient
- Auto-clarification: new function improves black-and-white image printing
- IH fuser: new fuser preheating technology lowers electricity consumption and preheating time, making printing speeds faster
- Image stability mode: choose among three types of image stability modes according to color or black-and-white printing
- Simitri HD carbon toner: low fuser heating requirements and super-fine carbon toner particles provide faster printing speeds, sharper imaging lines, and smooth carbon surfaces ensuring the highest imaging quality
- 360-degree seamless design: the new seamless design hides bulky cords, keeps the workspace clean, and decreases malfunctions caused by dust accumulation
- ADF dust cleaner: ADF self-cleaner helps decrease malfunctions due to dust accumulation