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DR acquisition workstation

XSense is a digital image acquisition operating software designed specifically for medical-use digital X-ray equipment. XSense software is compatible to be used with flat panel X-ray detectors from several manufacturers. The software features a database of custom post-processing algorithms calibrated unique to each different flat panel detector, ensuring the highest image quality for each individual detector. The application’s workflow follows IHE workflow standards, while image acquisition and processing follows DICOM standards. The intuitive and easy-to-use workflow makes XSense the best choice for your DR operating system.

Follows DICOM standards:
• DICOM Storage SCU        • DICOM Worklist SCU           • DICOM DIR FSR/FSC
• DICOM Printer SCU          • DICOM MPPS SCU

Follows IHE protocol:
- IHE SWF (Scheduled Workflow) protocol: ensures continuity and integrity in patient information, body position, schedule, image acquisition, and other workflow items
- IHE PIR (Patient Information Reconciliation) protocol: allows hospitals to treat, diagnose and report on emergency patients, patients who have not checked in, or patients who do not provide personal information

Image processing:
- XSense offers optimized image processing algorithms according to each examined body part and view to provide the highest image quality
- Image processing settings can be adjusted for examined body parts, allowing for: enhancement of fine image details; adjusting settings for similar body tissue areas; adjusting settings for specific regions of interest; and adjusting image sharpness and edge enhancements


Operator interface:
- Supports barcode scanning
- Supports touchscreen and mouse working simultaneously
- Supports 1280x1024 and 1920x1080 high definition workstation monitors


- Operator workstation synchronizes patient data with the hospital’s RIS/PACS system via Worklist SCP
- Workstation interface allows quick preview of examined body part and image
- Patient data and examined body part can be entered and selected from operator workstation interface
- Measurement tools: length, angle, image average ROI, difference in ROI average against selected area
- Image processing tools: zoom in/out, flip, rotate, selected ROI-specific image processing adjustment, auto-crop image
- Provides DICOM Directory CD burning function
- Offers examined body part management, including standardized body part presets
- Image file transmit to PACS: image send, delete, modify and preview
- Supports management tools to monitor operator usage
- Workstation can add or modify examined body parts
- Supports complete system integration allowing for easy use and operation

Additional software features for bedside examinations:
- Virtual Console X-ray generator interface control
- Virtual keyboard design
- Supports touchscreen function