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Digital X-ray imaging device

Dyna Healthcare has launched its revolutionary DR upgrade X-ray imaging device. Dyna Healthcare’s self-developed Scorpio digital imaging device integrates with an imaging center’s existing X-ray equipment to create a new digital radiography device. 
The Dyna Healthcare Scorpio system uses world-leading amorphous-silicon flat panel detector. Combined with the XSense workstation software, developed over ten years by Dyna Healthcare’s R&D team, the Scorpio system offers supreme image quality in an easy-to-use package.
The Scorpio series currently includes the Scorpio I, which provides among four different detector options to satisfy any medical digital imaging needs.

Product specifications:
 Detector type: a-Si TFT
 Imaging size/area: 14”x17”, 17”x17”
 Pixel resolution: 2560x3072, 3072x3072
 Pixel size: 139µm
 Spatial resolution: 3.5 lp/mm
 Grayscale: 14-bit output

Software features:
• Highest image quality across a variety of different manufacturers’ detectors
• Single user interface to register patients, acquire images, and conduct post-processing image modifications
• SIME – an intuitive image processing tool that adjusts according to the exam being conducted to achieve the highest quality image
• Supports simultaneous touchscreen and mouse operations; provides barcode scanning support
• Multiple default print settings
• Unique image auto-crop function can be synchronized with collimator
• Exam management functionality offers both preset and user-defined body parts and exam settings
• Operator usage record allows management by specialty or practice
• Authorized personnel can add or modify the exam image
• Image database management supports various searching methodologies

Additional software features for bedside examinations:
• Virtual Console X-ray generator interface control
• Virtual keyboard design
• Supports touchscreen function