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Digital X-ray Imaging System

 Digital X-ray Imaging System (Sagittarius II)

Sagittarius II is the next-generation X-ray imaging system developed by Dyna Healthcare. Utilizing Dyna Healthcare’s proprietary image processing procedure and display interface, the Sagittarius I system fulfills the requirements for high-quality images and easy operation for hospital imaging departments today. Sagittarius I modernizes the imaging department with detailed images, image and imaging standardization, imaging automation, and Internet connectivity. Dyna Healthcare’s examination-specific, anatomical image processing and all-in-one operator console design combines all the tools necessary for easy installation and immediate imaging.
Product Features
w   Brand new digital X-ray imaging system based on Dyna Healthcare’s proprietary designs
w   Unique software for X-ray image post-processing provides more than 1000 individual body part image processing filters
w   3-chamber Automatic Exposure Control (AEC); one-touch exposure mode ensures best imaging conditions with the least X-ray dosage
w   High power X-ray tube caters to the needs of different body parts
w   Swinging/angling imaging wall stand unit offers convenience to patients in wheelchairs
w   Direct HIS/RIS connection for patient record processing
w   Lightweight, convenient single-piece unit for simple installation